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Research shows that sunscreens may not be as effective as hoped at preventing sunburn. Users may be spending long hours in the sun with a false sense of security, and though lotions may protect against sunburning UVB rays, it does little to block out the potentially more dangerous UVA rays. Another worry is the long-term effects of the chemicals contained in the suntan lotion themselves. To make spending time outdoors safer, a company called Frogskin, Inc., located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is marketing a line of clothing called Frogware that, wet or dry, protects the user from the damaging effects of the sun more effectively than sunscreens.

"Our T-shirts give you the same amount of protection from the sun that a heavy sweat shirt would", says Jan Steinberg, president of Frogskin. "But who wants to wear a sweat shirt in the water?" A typical cotton T-shirt, for instance, has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 5; a Frogskin T-shirt has a SPF of 30. Frogwear, says the maker, blocks out 98.5% of all UVB rays and 97% of all UVA rays. The fabric, which is lighter than cotton but more durable, also helps keep you cool, by wicking perspiration away from the skinIn addition, Frogwear absorbs very little water when wet and dries quickly. Prices range from $ 18 for a hat to $ 50 for a sports jacket.

Newsweek, September 18, 1994

Vocabulário do texto:

pesquisas, estudos 
filtro solar, protetor solar
esperou, teve esperança
queimadura de sol
passam, gastam
bloquear, obstruir
worry preocupação
long-term longo prazo
effects efeitos
 chemicals químicos 
 contained continham 
suntan  bronzeado 
 lotion   loção
 outdoors ao ar livre 
 safer mais seguro 
company  empresa, firma 
 located localizada 
line  linha 
clothing  roupas 
 wet molhado 
 dry seco 
damaging  prejudicial 
 give dar 
same  mesmo 
 amount quantidade, quantia  
 protection proteção 
heavy   pesado  
sweat shirt  malha  
 water água 
typical  típico 
cotton   algodão 
 fabric  tecido 
lighter   mais leve  
durable  durável 
keep  mantém 
perspiration    transpiração
skin   pele
absorbs   absorve
quickly   rapidamente 
range  varia   
 hat  chapéu  
sports jacket   jaqueta esportiva 

1. According to the text, why is it not totally safe to wear lotions to prevent sunburn?

a) First because they only block the UVA rays; second, the chemicals in the lotions may be harmful after a while.
b) Not only do they fail to block out UVB rays, but produce chemical reactions in the long-run.
c) Besides blocking out only one type of UV rays, the lotions contain substances that may be harmful after a long period of use.
d) Besides blocking out all UVB and UVA rays, they prevent the action of damaging substances after a while.
e) While they fail to protect against the dangerous UVA rays, they protect against other substances after a long period of use.

Resposta correta: c

Resolução: O texto afirma o seguinte: “it does little to block out the potentially more dangerous UVA rays. Another worry is the long-term effects of the chemicals contained in the suntan lotion themselves”. (faz pouco para bloquear os raios UVA que são potencialmente mais perigosos. Outra preocupação é os efeitos a longo prazo dos produtos químicos contidos na própria loção bronzeadora).

A resposta correta é, portanto, a alternativa c: além de bloquear apenas um tipo de raio UV, as loções contêm substâncias que podem ser prejudicais a longo prazo.

2. Another word for WORRY (par.:1) is...

a) care.
b) concern.
c) anxiety.
d) caution.
e) determinant.

Resposta correta: d

Resolução: A palavra worry significa preocupação. Caution significa cautela ou cuidado. A resposta correta é, portanto, a alternativa d.

3. Frogskin, Inc. is marketing Frogwear because...

a) it is very cheap and protects you from the sun.
b) it is light; furthermore, it has a SPF of 30.
c) it lasts longer than a sweat shirt in the water.
d) it blocks perspiration out of the body.
e) people want to wear light sweat shirts in the water.

Resposta correta: b

Resolução: O texto informa o seguinte a respeito da Frogwear: tem um SPF de 30, é mais leve e dura mais do que o algodão. A resposta correta é, portanto, a alternativa b: it is light (é leve), furthermore, it has a SPF of 30 (além disso, tem um SPF de 30).

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